Message is the medium

Dot to Dot

Mystical kisses from the sun or an embarrassing pigmentation? Filmmaker Lisa Rovner’s short Constellations takes a close look at what it means to be a female with freckles from the point of view of five young women who have them: Anna Tatton, a model and aspiring writer; television presenter and fashion stylist Angela Scanlon; costume designer Amy Pollitt; Adwoa Aboah, who just finished her degree in art; and model and Chanel ambassador Poppy Delevingne. Shot in London after a challenging casting search, Rovner’s film pays homage to the late American cult director Les Blank’s whimsical 1987 short Gap-Toothed Women. Blank explored social attitudes and self-esteem issues by interviewing over a hundred women and Rovner’s love letter to freckles similarly unpacks a genetic quirk from a playful perspective. “In the age of airbrushed everything, the prototype of a beautiful woman seems almost unattainable by natural means,” says the director. “Are the so-called ‘flaws’ that are driving women to do almost anything to change their looks really flaws? I wanted to make a film to investigate that question.”